MecDall Srl History

A Thirty-years History

Our experience in combine headers sector was born in Campitello in 1980 together with D.B.F. Snc creation (than it was moved in Commessaggio in 1988) where we gain 27 years of specific experience in fabrication of high quality agricultural machines, equipment and headers for maize, grain, soya, sunflower and products in pathway harvesting.

The agricultural equipment and combine headers of our production, thanks to their excellent technical characteristics, were exported all over the world including Russia, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, New Caledonia and countries of the Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Czech Republic). The company was sold in July 2007 but it was not the last word.

Combine headers

We restarted to project and produce the combine headers in June 2013 with a new trademark MecDall Srl that combines a thirty-years history with innovations, practicality and good relationship between price and quality. The company is established in Gazzuolo, province of Mantova town, always known as an agricultural vocation and high mechanization area.

We have projected a Pick-up header suitable for all combine makes and models thanks to its interchangeable attachment kit. The pick-up header is notable for its excellent mechanical quality, resistance and easy maintenance. It optimizes the combine performance during harvest of products which were previously cut and put in pathway.

An accurate production scheduling, systematical control during the different production steps and partnership with the highly technological companies permit flexibility, punctuality and realization of more and more competitive products able to guarantee and satisfy all Italian and foreign clients needs.

Pick-up Header