Pick-Up Header for all combine makes and models

Experience, resistance and quality

Thanks to thirty-years experience MecDall Srl has projected and realized a pick-up header in compliance with CE marking, notable for its excellent mechanical quality, resistance and easy maintenance. The pick-up header conceived to collect products which were previously cut and put in pathway as ryegrass, beetroot, Lucerne, trefoil, chicory, salad, carrot, peas, chickpeas, broad beans, lentils, …

The anterior gatherer is composed by polyester belts provided with spring teeth. Zinc-coated steel teeth fixed by means of proper bolts allow the perfect gather of product in pathway and its transport to the feeding auger. On the sides there are two manually adjustable springs that amortize the soul load.

The feeding auger horizontally and vertically adjustable, completed with adjustable retractile fingers (adjusted by means of lever), routes the product into the channel. A disk safety clutch preserves the auger against overcharges. The large diameter auger allows a constant product feeding avoiding its wrapping.

The gathering belts speed is electrically controlled and adjustable from operators place of the combine cabin. There are two versions of belts control: variable-capacity hydraulic system by our installation on the headers for electric control combine, and electro hydraulic connection for the combine provided with variable-capacity hydrodynamic system.

The gatherer is completed with supporting wheels, adjustable in height and pivoting. The wheels ensure a constant pass of the gathering springs respect the ground. The transmission from combine to header carries out by means of cardan shaft supplied with header.

Pick-up header for combine produced by MecDall: details that make a difference

All metallic components of the header are galvanized or epoxy powder painted that guarantee an excellent durable conservation against the oxidation and intensify the beauty of our product.

Our product is provided with CE marking and warranty certification.

Pick-up Header